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Portland, OR

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My Aunt Sarah is someone who is changing the world! She loves Jesus, loves her family, and loves her job. She is a kindergarten teacher who is one of the best! She loves and guides “her kiddos” and gives them the constant affection so many of them are searching for. She is adored by her peers and parents alike. She has been teaching for SO many years, but has the passion and energy that beats many fresh and eager teachers. She loves her community and church and is constantly giving back. One story that sticks out the most to me about what a selfless, world changing person my Aunt Sarah is - three years ago, at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage III breast cancer. She not only spent Christmas Eve at the chemo center with me and my family, she also made cinnamon rolls for us and the nurse working with me so that we would all feel special on a holiday spent in a sterile environment. She never asks for anything, gives freely, shows God’s love on a daily basis, and is changing the world one kindergartener at a time! She loves Danny and would be SO thrilled at this opportunity. She does not know about this entry, I would love nothing more than to give back to a woman who is leaving the world WAY better than she found it! Thank you!!