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Portland, OR

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This is a story of how a single person who chooses to listen to God’s calling is able to make such a difference. Wayne Felton saw four homeless men hanging out by a building close to his church six years ago. It was cold so he gave them hand warmers he had in his truck. Soon sandwiches and Jesus were being shared. Next came warm food in the park with more people. Comfort items were made available and as the group grew each week, so did those people inspired by Wayne’s spirit to help and serve. Pastor Wayne, as he is called by this group, is such an encourager to all he meets! He is tireless in his efforts to help each person he comes in contact with. He takes care of the body and the spirit of each one. Wayne’s outreach now has grown to include 4 churches with what is called “No One Left Behind”. They supply several meals a week, provide showers in a portable shower trailer, tents, sleeping bags, tarps and they still provide hand warmers! The ministry has made such a difference in the lives of people who do not have homes.Mountain View Christian Church now enjoys the participation of 30-40 homeless men and women at our weekend worship services. A growing number are joining in our mid-week small groups. Wayne’s love is contagious and that is why so many are involved to this day. He inspires us all to step out of our comfort zone and embrace those in need just as Jesus would do. He is a reminder that though we are one person, with God’s help, we can make a difference in the world around us.