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Portland, OR

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This story is not my story but for my son Bryce Barham. Let me explain a little about Bryce. He is 13 and is cognitively delayed in which in laymen terms is "mild retardation." My son is high functioning and is a lover of Jesus. When "I Can Only Imagine" movie came out I decided to take him. When we left I asked him what he thought of the movie and he stated this,"Mom, I loved it!" I was so happy but he then stated,"When are they going to make a movie about Danny Gokey and his life?" I said will son I don't know. Bryce says, "Well who can I call? His wife died mom and people need to know how Jesus helped him." I said how do you know so much about Danny? "I love his music so I watch all his videos on YouTube" He loves Jesus mom and he sang "I have hope in front of "ME" I just cried my eyes out. My son knows he has Hope in front of him thanks to Danny Gokey and his late wife. Bryce also knows that Danny Gokey has come from Wisconsin and that is where Bryce was born. Bryce has a birthday coming up October 31st and this would be the best gift ever for him. Special needs children listen and I feel that Danny should know that he has ministered to a young "special needs child" through his transparency and love for Jesus. Thank You,Bryce's mom, Connie