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Portland, OR

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My story starts like this: My wife has always been a Christian woman, and she tried and tried to get me and I just wasn't into it.... Well I had a bad gaming problem and its started affecting our lives. About 3 years ago, she wanted a Divorce, and i just could not figure out the real reason why.... Anyways i wanted to become a better husband, father and friend. So I started going to church at first it was not with her and she then started coming with me... I got involved with the Mens group at church and let me tell you, my life has changed completely. Our lives are so much better now, there are no worries at all... Infact last motherday we both got baptized. This year is our 20th Anniversary and we couldn't be more happier. I thank God for reaching out to me and grabbing me to be with Him. This is just a short story, but i have shared it with others and they are now walking with the Lord and things are also much better for them aswell. A lot of Danny Gokey's song has inspired me to where I am now... I would love this opportunity to win tickets to see him.... thanks for reading and God Bless