Submitted by : Mary R

Wilkes-Barre, PA

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Hello i am Mary and i am nominating my husband Randy.. He is a Paramedic and soon to be a flight medic .. he lives and loves to help others especially older generations .. he loves helping all but the older generation have such stories while ge cares for them he loves to hear .. its crazy because all his life he drove truck and other things but never had the heart to do anything medical or knew of it .. then one day i said something to him like why don’t you become a emt?? He was like dear i am in my middle 40s to late now .. well he asked around and also had to get his GED before Emt class .. he passed GED then started EMT classes and passed with flying colors knowing nothing about medical untill then ... then wirked his way up now almost a flight medic ... i have serious health issues and him knowing this stuff helps he works his butt off to make a living which still isnt enough in a one income family but he sure does all he can and loves every minute of helping the people in the community when he gets a call .. also helps in our church community also with helping people who need help.. i am glad to be married to this guy ..