Submitted by : Denny

Champaign, IL

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Greetings, I would like to nominate a beautiful and kind-hearted soul that is my wife. Almost 11 years ago we reconnected and discovered we were soulmates that should’ve been together all along. Angie Thompson Ellis found me when God knew we were ready to Love and grow in him. She is a hard working diverse person. She runs an office at the Coordinated Science Lab of engineering at the University of Illinois. She helps exchange students with travel and bookings. She also has the opportunity to spread God’s light to them by being a kind and loving person in assisting them. Her Faith has grown incredibly in these years together. She is a mother of 3 and teaches them to be kind and accepting of all kids - something the world must improve on. She teaches Sunday school every Sunday and is very involved in the youth ministry. We have always shared the passion for music. She lets me pursue my songwriting, guitar, teaching, and is my number one fan. God bless all in the Worship ministry through music. The world would surely be a darker place without it. Please pick her for the VIP giveaway. She is so deserving. Thank you and God bless ya'll.