Submitted by : Angela E

Champaign, IL

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My husband, Denny Ellis, shines his light through the words that God gives him constantly through the day! He composes beautiful songs with those words and shares them at our church and on Facebook Live frequently! He would love to have the opportunity to see Danny Gokey in person to share those common interests with him! My husband inspires me each day with the songs he creates and our children also have gained the mutual interest in music by listening to him play his guitar and singing almost daily in our home! Denny also is a enthusiastic youth guitar teacher in our community and he loves teaching them how to play and also throws in the song writing skills during his lesson. Our family LOVES WBGL and the music ministry! Thank you for letting me "brag" on my husband! I thank God for giving him the gift of song to praise him with music and touch the community with the words in song!