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Champaign, IL

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My son and daughter in law found out they were having a baby. At a routine Dr. appt to find out the sex of the baby they were told there was an abnormality and needed to go to St. Louis for further testing. They were told their son had 0% chance of survival outside of the womb and to prepare for the worst. He had cystic kidney displasia. With 3 months of viability scans every Tuesday & baby still showed no improvement, but it was still a viable pregnancy. On June 17th, 2013 David Luke Hanks entered the world, met and was read a book by his parents, and met both sets of grandparents. He was loved and kissed on and after 52 minutes he went to be with Our Loving Savior. I was completely heartbroken as a parent watching my son say goodbye to his. But we serve a Mighty God and after Luke’s passing, my son & daughter-in-law set up a scholarship in Luke’s name to be given every May to graduates of both his parents’ alma maters. They have a color run every 2 years to raise money for the scholarship. They made Luke’s pay-it-forward cards to pay for someone’s meal behind you in a fast food drive-up, give extra tips, etc. all over the country. On Luke’s Birthday his parents go to Dairy Queen and give the manager enough to cover over 50 customers in the drive-thru, and also give a “Luke’s Gift” little blue card with John 14:1-6 on it. My son and his wife have been blessed with their “rainbow” baby (a baby born after a sibling lost) because God keeps his promises, and a new baby due in late October. The Lord has blessed them with the faith and grace to honor their son while giving God the glory and spreading the good news of Our Lord. Luke’s Gift is on Facebook with every part of his story and reminders that we will see him again. I have never been as broken as a mother when I watched my son and his wife choose their son’s final resting spot at the cemetery, but all I had was The Lord reminding me to TRUST him. He literally lifted us on days when the hurt is unbearable. I give God all the glory for the gift of our Luke’s 52-minute life that has and continues to bless people every day. In Christ’s Love, Luke Hanks MiMi