Submitted by : Tabitha S

Champaign, IL

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Growing up feeling lonely, rejected, and hurt often makes for bitter and hurt adults. The one I nominate has taken her pain and turned it into healing for others. Already a mother of two she felt God call her toward foster care. A few years ago she took in her first foster. He was defiant, angry, and traumatized. The state recognized that he was a difficult case, but she chose to love him anyway. The sacrifice and advocacy required of her has been nothing short of daunting and yet she has pressed forward in order to give God's unfailing love out of her empty places. Then when everyone around her thought she had given enough she decided to increase her family by taking on her foster child's two siblings. Now, with two children of her own and three very challenging foster children she is considering permanent adoption. All three of these children are "specialized," in the state meaning they are all extra difficult. They each have attachment issues, trauma, and behaviors difficulties. Tammy is an amazing mother, friend, and warrior for Jesus. She is making an impact in these kiddos lives not just today, but for their entire lives. I can only imagine the countless lives that will then be touched by three and multiplied over and over and over again as they have children and grandchildren and friends and families of their own. Tammy has most certainly been impacting this world better than she found it. She is being the church where others fear to consider their role.