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Champaign, IL

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I want to nominate my wife, Dawn. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 1/2 years ago. While it was a complete shock to the both of us and we were scared, she had 7 years in oncology and knew what she wanted to do. When she was diagnosed, she had just started a job with a plastic reconstructive surgeon. She opted for bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. She was a so strong, and ended up going back to work only 2 weeks after her huge surgery. She poured herself into her work with other women that were facing the same surgery that she, herself had just gone through. Through her time with the reconstructive surgeon, she helped many women see that even though you lose your breasts, you don't lose your identity as a woman. Dawn went through 6 surgeries before finally completing her reconstruction. I am so proud of who she is, and how she has helped so many other women going through the same thing. Her patients are now her friends that she has lunch with, or calls and checks in on them. She is truly an inspiration to me, and to all the women that she has touched. She is my guiding light and my angel. I would love to see her win something like this! Thank you!