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Champaign, IL

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I would like to nominate Rob Dalhaus, Bailey Porter, Tony Comtois and Terry Anderson from CU at Home. CU at Home is an amazing organization that cares for and ministers to the local population of people without an address (homeless). I am an emergency physician, and I know well the difficulties and frustrations of helping this group of individuals who cannot help themselves. The issue of homelessness is so much more complex than we usually understand. The intertwining of mental illness and addiction with homelessness is at the core of so many of the homeless persons difficulties. CU at Home understands this and patiently stands beside these folks day in and day out regardless of how many times they have crashed, rejected those around them, failed to meet obligations or broken the rules. They understand that each one of these persons is a child of God and deserves the same love and respect as anyone else. They understand that by and large these folks cannot help themselves because of deep mental illness and past trauma. CU at Home finds these folks in the rain and snow, at all hours of the day and night, to make sure they are safe and alive Through their efforts they have restarted the men's emergency overnight shelter two winters ago. CU at Home runs a day time shelter that allows anyone who wants to rest in safety. They build relationships with individuals, sharing God's love with them by listening and being a friend. They recently started a work program with the city of Champaign that allows the men on the streets to work and earn money from the city doing jobs that need to be done. They drive anyone to drug and alcohol centers across Illinois to get desparately needed help. They deliver coats and mittens to the ER when called. They love those we all would rather turn away from. CU at Home's efforts have recently seen one man overcome his addiction, find a job and return to his family. They have helped a young woman get off drugs and delivery two health twin girls. Their efforts are amazing. They are the hands and feet of Jesus in Champaign Urbana, providing love and hope to those who no longer have hope left in them. This is an individual effort of a small group of very dedicated folks.