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Champaign, IL

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This is the story of my husband Steve Clarkson. He has and continues to leave this world better than he found it. We were high school sweethearts and married the fall after graduation. Actually, our 40th wedding anniversary is September 23. What a wonderful gift it would be to celebrate at a Danny Gokey concert with our children and grandchildren. All who listen to WBGL. My husband is retired Deputy Chief from the Champaign Fire Dept. He spend 30 years in the fire service. He has served our church for 20 years as an Elder. He is a loving father and grandfather. He is our family's rock. He has been there for our sons when they have gone through divorce and when they have returned home from war. I have witnessed him countless times stop by to help someone stranded on the road ,or stop and give someone money, then told them "Jesus loves you" He loves people where they are, just as Christ does with us. He is a leader at home, at church and in our community of Mahomet. He is a man of honor,commitment and integrity. He has been recognized many times in many organizations. He is a humble man. If you were to ask him of those accomplishmets, he would acknowledge those honors but tell you that he was just doing his job, or that he is just living his life to please his God. Most recently he has been the cornerstone of his 4 siblings. This past November we were in Arizona with his Dad. He had had a 13 hour back surgery. He had somekind of spiritual experience while in surgery. He was struggling with what he experienced. He couldn't understand how God could love and forgive him for his past. Steve spent hours patiently showing his Dad scripture and praying with him. This went on for several days. Whatever his Dad experienced changed him. All he talked about was wanting to please God and living right. For a reason we will never know, he took his own life in the next bedroom from us. Steve had to call his siblings in the middle of the night 4 days before Thanksgiving to tell them of the tragedy. He has remained fully trusting in God as he is dealing with his loss. That has been such a testimony to many. I believe someday someone will pay his strength forward and a part of his legacy will continue on for generations. ( if by chance he wins and you read this letter PLEASE don't read this part)Thanks for your considerationKathy Clarkson