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Grove City, OH

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Susan Fouty is an amazing woman. She spent a long career as a labor and delivery nurse, bringing new life into the world, serving women at a key time in their lives. When she got too old to walk the halls of a hospital, she took a job as a phone nurse, helping poor folks navigate medical issues and the healthcare system. All the time she helped others at work, she ministered to her family at home. Literally flying to Seattle and rescuing her youngest daughter from an abusive marriage, she brought her youngest back into her home and loved on her two young grand-daughters. Then, she helped our mother stay in her own home until her passing at 90-years-old. The last year, Susie and her youngest daughter cared for Mom around the clock. All of these accomplishments have left her with little money and a deeper faith in God than most people will ever know. If anyone deserves the recognition, my sister Susan Fouty certainly does.