Submitted by : Jonathan M

Grove City, OH

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I want to nominate Deb Carpenter who is an unassuming single mother of 4. And while I would like to submit a video, she probably would never go for it. She loves and serves God and the people in her neighborhood even with the overwhelming burden of providing and caring for her family. She helps neighbors regularly with errands that they cannot do for themselves, and she has cared for an immigrant family who was in transition and dealing with domestic abuse. She even volunteers at her church to help with certain charities, and even at certain helping events at the Columbus Zoo. She often works two jobs to make ends meet and has seen God come through for her family by faith especially in the small things that we take for granted. She also went through the training needed to work with our special needs son, to help him learn and grow in responsibility and maturity. She has faith to show up to places where she needs to be, trusting that God will come through with the resources for her and her family if He wants them there. She is a light and an encouragement to me and my family, and this event award would be one way of expressing our thanks, and for her to just rest in God and the joy of music for one night.