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Grove City, OH

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My Husband The Trauma NurseMy husband, Andrew, is an absolutely amazing human being. He works as an RN on the Trauma Unit at Grant Medical Center. The Trauma Unit consists of car/motorcycle accidents, shootings, stabbings/assaults and things of the like. He has changed hundreds or lives of those who have been sent injured, and the family members that are affected by it. I can't go in to too much because of HIPAA, but he is beyond devoted to his patients and their well being. From changing pain medications around, to savings their lives from internal bleeding, to performing CPR and running a code on a patient, Andrew has and always will be there for his patients. He is also involved in Evidence Based Practice, which has helped educate the community about how to use Narcan when you suspect a person has overdosed on a drug. He goes in early and stays late just to make sure they all of his patients are cared for. He is truly a wonderful asset to Grant Medical Center and the central Ohio community.