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Grove City, OH

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My son Hunter Jackson is a great man with a love to help people. In 2016 he was 17 years old. I told him I was going to go on a mission trip with my church to Peru. His face lit up and he was determined to go with me. It was going to cost us way more money than we could afford so we decided to do odd jobs for people during the summer to earn the money. We earned $750 towards the trip and our dream became a reality. We were off to Peru to visit an orphanage and build a kitchen over a learning center. Hunter worked incredibly hard while we were there and never once complained about the hard work. He also left with a great desire to help the less fortunate. He learned a lot from the children of the orphanage. He learned to share and be thankful for the things he has in life. He now suffers from anxiety and I think this concert could be just what he needs to grow even closer to God and overcome this battle ahead of him.