Submitted by : Jarrett B

Grove City, OH

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I want to nominate Vic and Kim Buzard. They live their lives making the world better. Kim is an intervention specialist at Westerville Schools and is primarily with students with special needs. But her involvement does not stop at the end of the school day. She personally invests in these childrens' lives. She is frequently invited to student events like graduation parties and birthday parties. She happily attends these events and shows how deeply she cares for them. Several years ago, she even met Billy thru school, and ended up fostering and adopting him. That wasn't the last time she's "taken work home with her." Just a year ago she invited a high school senior who had been kicked out of his house when he turned 18 and was living in his truck and still trying to go to school to come home and stay with their family. Kim has been instrumentally involved in the Blue Ribbon campaign, food drives, and several other efforts in Westerville following the deaths of two local officers, has coordinated several events honoring first responders, and even coordinated efforts to produce flags to display on the streets of Westerville to recognize all First Responders. Both Kim and Vic are very active in Cub Scouts, and supporting activities thru Westerville Christian Church (WCC). Vic coaches Little League Baseball, coordinates the Westerville Middle and High School fishing program, and even finds time to help keep the grass mowed at WCC. If there's a request or need identified, or a friend who needs help, Vic and Kim are always the first to try to help. I'm sure there are countless other examples of The Buzard Family supporting their community that have gone unrecognized because they don't do it for the accolades, but because they truly Love People, and that's what they do.